Honest People

We really care. But we also know our stuff. We have 29 years of global finance experience in the team. We’ve worked with big banks + financial planners, so we know their M.Os.
But our way is different.

Who we are

We are a core team of three. Jac + Sar run the show, with solid support from Simon, our business and finance advisor. Proudly nerdy, we’re also—more importantly—rigorous, with degrees from Oxford, M.I.T. + the London School of Economics, as well as our local unis. We apply scientific research to help people to build better money habits.Jacqui’s research at M.I.T. in economic sociology (the cousin of behavioural economics) brings that lens to this cracker of a problem.

Sar’s the creative head, whose 12 years of global design experience is applied to the behavioural design of money.

Then we have our multi-talented tech team, consultants + supportive advisors. Their experience ranges from Amazon + Atlassian to the major global banks + financial institutions.

We’ve known each other for almost 25 years and our careers have been totally different. But our financial experiences have led us to the exact same conclusion. That this should be simpler.

Between us—we get it. And we’re doing it with you.

About Jac

Jac is your Honest advisor. She brings her background in global investment management (equities + infrastructure debt, what a mouthful!) to the table, as well as her analytical mindset to giving the right advice.

She’s worked with global not-for-profits like the World Bank in Africa, won a scholarship to Oxford, and published her thesis at M.I.T. If you’re into letters, Jac’s quals include: DFP, M.Sc, MBA + B.Com.

She is unwaveringly supportive, but doesn’t sugar coat. Honesty is the best policy after all.