The Honest Holiday Special

The gift of independence lasts a lifetime.

Our Holiday Gift Package

Expert (+Relatable) Advice

A one-on-one session with Jacqui Park, Honest Money’s lead financial advisor (+ Oxford scholar, M.I.T. graduate, ex-global investment management)

Personal Clarity

An Action Plan tailor-made for you, covering cashflow management, wealth building, super + risk protection

Ongoing Support

Our friendly expertise + guidance for 12 months via email or Messenger for money questions, quandaries + concerns

 Useful Tech Tools

Beta access to the Carrots Facebook Messenger bot, to help with day-to-day cashflow. E.g. ‘How much did I spend on Ubers last week?’

Headspace For Money

The research-backed Carrots Money Mindset e-course, helping to reframe how you perceive, use + put money to work

Gift Personalisation

We’ll send your recipient a personalised holiday email with your gift enclosed, on the date you would like them to receive it!

Why your loved one will love this:

⟶ It’s simple + easy, yet genuinely meaningful for life

⟶ They’ll kickstart their financial futures, without the stress

⟶ They’ll have the comfort of our support + expertise

⟶ They’ll build financial knowledge, skills + new habits

⟶ They’ll gain confidence + independence as a result!

Why Honest Money?

Our mission is to make money simple + honest for more people.
That means we put your interests first. We provide completely unconflicted financial advice, unlike, well, almost everyone.

We refuse to take any payment, referral fees or commissions from any third parties. None.
We do not get paid by anyone other than you, nor do we take an ongoing % cut of your assets.
We’ll only recommend switching products if they are better for you.
We structure our costs as a ‘fee-for-service’. Meaning you pay us for what you get. That’s all!

The Special

We’re offering a limited number of our holiday gifts for just $1250 inclusive of GST.
That compares to the typical $2,000-$8,000, according to ASIC.

Want to give the most valuable gift money can buy?
Just fill out your details + we’ll contact you pronto.